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Bowl Painting for 2022!   Thank You Painters!!!

We are almost finished painting bowls!  At this time the only painters who are permitted to paint are:

1) those who need to finish a bowl

2) sponsors

3) artists and artists painting auction pieces 

To paint you will need to contact Lisa to see when you can come in unless you have already arranged this with her.  



These bowls are sold at our Empty Bowls fundaiser to raise money for our food bank programs.  With the rising cost of groceries and these difficult times, our food bank numbers are on the rise. We now offer in-person food bank and food bank home delivery through an online booking tool.  These programs are vital to the health and well-being of our community.

This year we are painting bowls at:

Stratford House of Blessing

423 Erie Street   

Painting is by appointment only!


What is Empty Bowls?


If you have not heard of Stratford House of Blessing’s Empty Bowls before, it's our signature event.  The Empty Bowls event encourages people to help those who are struggling in Stratford, while at the same time, enjoying a night of locally prepared soups, stews, and artisan breads with the option of participating in a large auction. The bowl goes home with each guest as a reminder of those less fortunate in our community.

Last year, we held our event virtually; this year, although we are not having the Empty Bowls Event in-person, we plan to display our bowls and auction items at the Festival Marketplace. 

The Empty Bowls Project is an international grassroots effort; our goal is to raise both monetary funds, as well as awareness in the global fight to end hunger.   

If you are an experienced artist, feel free to be as creative as you like.  

Painting at Stratford House of Blessing

423 Erie Street, beside the tracks

Stratford Ontario


For more information contact Lisa at 519-273-3433 ext.202 or fill out our contact form.


Empty Bowls Painting

Please contact Lisa for more ways to get involved including:

  • Artists painting for Auction

  • Event Sponsorship with Volunteer Experience - Team bowl-painting

  • Large Group Painting - at your location or ours

  • Private Group Painting

  • Helping with our auction, data entry, photography, event volunteering and/or Empty Bowls Committee

Email or call 519-273-3433 x 202

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