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Donations and Volunteering

How can I volunteer?

Can I donate furniture, clothing, or housewares?

What can I donate?


Are the financial accounts of Stratford House of Blessing audited?

Are your donation receipts tax deductible?

Do you sell your food?

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about how our food bank pick-up works? Check out our Food Bank FAQ section.

General Information

What is Stratford House of Blessing?

What services do you provide?

Does Stratford House of Blessing promote any particular faith?

Is your building accessible?

Contact Information

What are your hours of operation?

How can I contact you?

Where are you located?

Assessing Services

How do people access your services?

How often can people access your services?

Is there a means test people have to pass?

Question isn't answered here? Contact us and we will be happy to help you answer it!

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