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Personal Giving

Your Donations Make a Difference

Stratford House of Blessing is an independent non-profit charitable organization that is supported by caring individuals and businesses. House of Blessing has been a fixture in the Stratford community for over 40 years and in order to provide the resources needed by those who struggle to make ends meet, we need your help!


There are several ways you can support us and make a difference in the lives of those in need.


 Click the Donate Now button to go to our Canada Helps Secure Donation Form.


E-transfer from your financial institution to Please then email us to and let us know your name, address, phone number and the amount donated.


Call 519-273-3433 and donate by credit card. We will never phone you to ask for donations.

4. DROP OFF your donation to Stratford House of Blessing. Please come in the front door.  Call us at 519-273-3433 if you require curbside assistance.


Mail your donation to:

Stratford House of Blessing

423 Erie Street,

Stratford ON 

N5A 2N3

*Please note that we do not solicit donations over the phone.*

How do your donations get used?


  • Spending of funds is confined to Stratford House of Blessing approved programs and projects.

  • All donations will be allocated to General Funds unless designated otherwise.

  • Donations, designated for specific programs or projects, will be restricted for that purpose until the need is met or determined 'complete' by Stratford House of Blessing. Remaining funds will be re-directed where most needed.


Please contact our Financial Coordinator at 519-273-3433 Ext 203 for more information.

Your tax-deductible donations ($10 minimum) will provide us with the invaluable resources that enable us to care for others.



Gift Planning


Gift Planning is designed to help you plan your gift to the House of Blessing in a manner that will be most beneficial to you and your family, as well as providing a lasting impact on the lives of those who struggling financially in our community. Planned Gifts can be either outright gifts or deferred gifts.


Gift Planning can maximize your available tax, financial, and estate benefits. Not only can you ensure that your personal and financial objectives are met, but gift planning enables you to increase your gift potential by looking at other ways of giving, and can also help maintain and protect your personal security and that of your heirs. Your gift, large or small, will make a difference and will help the House of Blessing continue it mission to provide the many programs and services for those who struggling in our community.


If you have any questions about gift planning, or request further information on how you can make a difference, call us at the House of Blessing (519) 273-3433. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the resources to make your gift a meaningful one.



Financial Planning Strategies for Gifting Money to a Charity Like the House of Blessing


  • Involves tax-advantaged strategies using life insurance and annuities

  • Gifts can be an immediate benefit to the charity or deferred (and the same goes with the donor’s tax credit).

  • Gifts during a donor’s lifetime receive tax relief for donations up to 75% of net income, while estate gifts have a donation claim limit of 100% of net income.

  • Life insurance has gifts payable directly to the charity so there’s no probate, administration fees or taxes. The donor receives a charitable tax receipt in the estate for the amount that goes to the charity. This method is for estate planning since a lump sum is left to the charity (charities) in the estate and a tax credit is available up to 100% of net income. E.g. If a client has $150,000 in estate taxes due to RRSP tax on $300,000, then a $300,000 Joint Last to Die Estate Insurance vehicle can be left to a charity and offset the tax owing (no money goes to government for taxes, the charity receives a $300,000 gift and the client’s family receives the full value of the estate since the government obtains nothing……………..powerful planning!!)

  • If clients wish to receive a tax-break each year on their premium they pay to the charitable insurance plan then the charity is the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

  • Charitable Annuities are known as Reinsured Annuities. Typically the charity receives 25% to 35% of the donation and the remainder is used to purchase an annuity that provides an income to the donor for life. The money the charity receives initially will allow the donor to receive a tax receipt immediately.

  • An Insured Annuity (also known as a Back to Back) is when a client uses non-registered dollars that are in a taxable area to invest into an annuity. The prescribed tax status causes lower tax payable then a regular GIC investment and provides greater return on your money then a GIC investment. The income from the annuity is then used to fund a Charitable Insurance Plan.


If you have any inquiries about this type of planning contact a Certified Financial Planner for more information.

6. Paypal Giving Fund

We receive 100% of your donation.

Two choices:

1. Choose Stratford House of Blessing as your charity of choice when making purchases and donate a dollar when you make a purchase

2. Or go to our Paypal Giving Fund page:

Legacy Giving

Sorry about the mess! This page is still under construction.

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