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Most Needed

Below is a list of most needed items. 

Our need is greatest in the areas of both: financial support and food. 


Thank you for your help; we rely on people like you, to donate.

Your financial donations are especially helpful because they allow us to see where the gaps are and make bulk purchases as well as pay expenses related to running a food bank:

  • maintenance of building, refrigeration, delivery vehicles, and food banking equipment

  • costs of transportation (fuel), heat, hydro, staffing, sanitation products and communications to the most vulnerable in our community.

Thank you for your support!


Most Needed:

  • Root vegetables like carrots, onions and potatoes

  • Squashes 

  • Fresh fruit  

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Frozen vegetables and fruit

  • Frozen Meals

  • Fresh and frozen meat directly from the grocery store

  • Lunch meats

  • Cheese and yogurt

  • Fruit juice 


  • We will gladly accept extras from your garden

  • We partner with local farmers, butchers and grocery stores

  • Connect with us at or call 519-273-3433 x 205


Most Needed:

  • Healthy school snacks

  • Peanut Butter

  • Canned vegetables and fruit

  • Canned fish - tuna and salmon

  • Canned meat - ham, chicken, turkey

  • Canned soups, stews and chili

  • Pasta and Sauce

  • Baked beans

  • Hot and cold cereal

  • Side dishes (KD, Sidekicks, stuffing, instant potatoes) 

  • Rice

  • Gluten Free and Vegetarian foods

  • Toilet paper 

  • Tampons and Pads

Most Needed for populations who are homeless and/or who lack adequate cooking, refrigeration, and storage:

  • Meals in a can like stew, chili, baked beans and pasta

  • Canned meats with pull-back lids

  • Peanut Butter

  • Healthy snacks and snack bars

  • Fruit cups and applesauce

  • Healthy beverages

  • Nuts and sunflower seeds

  • New can openers

  • New plastic utensils 


All of these programs only accept NEW products.

Christmas Toy Program:

  • Toys (0-16 age)

  • Gift Cards suitable to teens

  • Puzzles

  • Board Games

  • Craft Kits

  • Pajamas (most needed 6- adult)

  • Stocking stuffers

  • Books and colouring books

  • Stuffed Animals

Baby Welcome to the World Baskets:

  • Baby hygiene products

  • Clothing 0-24 months (onesies, sleepers, outfits, socks)

  • Baby toys, rattles, teethers

  • Baby blankets, receiving blankets, towels, wash cloths, and bibs

Off to School Smiling Program:

  • Backpacks

  • Calculators (regular and scientific)

  • Math Kits

  • School Supplies: crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, rulers and erasers

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